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A DC burlesque fan dancer Isabelle Epoque faces away from the camera. Her Chartreuse feather fans are spread behind her back showing off her legs

DC Burlesque performer Isabelle Epoque faces the camera with her eyes cast down smelling a perfume

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Producers and Show series

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DC has a thriving Burlesque community touching every genre of Burlesque

  • Classic Burlesque- Gasp at the most glamourous strip tease – the ol’ bump and grind. Feather fans! Boas! Rhinestones! Decadence!
  • Nerdlesque- Delve deep into fandoms of many flavors. Anime! Video Games! Movies! Books!
  • Comedy and Variety- Tickle your funny bone with the absurd. Body humor! Sideshow! Vaudeville! Stilt Walkers! Sometimes… even FIRE!
  • Niche Themes- Go deep. Your dad’s favorite Rock music! Conspiracy theories! National Public Radio!
  • Horror- Gasp at the grotesque. Fake blood! Body horror! Aliens!

Fan Service

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The Burlesque Scene is nothing without our fans

  • Series Subscriptions – Show your dedication to the art.
  • Spread the word- Social Media, press information, flyers.
  • Get involved- Ways to support without performing.
  • Learn Burlesque has a rich history in the US and abroad.
  • Take the Stage- Classes for movement, act development, body positivity, and just good fun.
  • Host – Bring Burlesque to your venue

Camera aims over a standing and cheering crowd looking toward a stage. One person raises hands to form the shape of a heart. Because they love DC burlesque show shows